Thanks to its unique structural activation of these muscle groups, RUNBIKE supports and modifies the functions of the CORE and thus positively influences the erect posture of the body, balance, the mutual coordination of the muscles and therefore also the quality of the realised movements. RUNBIKING acts preventatively against back pain and injury. RUNBIKING assists in improving the stabilisation muscle functions and their subsequent use in everyday life. Cvičební plán 


The modern age has brought with it increasing amounts of passivity and stereotypical loading of our joints and muscles and a considerable amount of stress. This is also
a cause of disorders of the stabilisation function in the muscles which leads to the chronic overloading of joints and the back ligaments both during movements and during static loading or the effects of external forces. 
The excessive or unilateral activity of muscles, which do not compensate for this inadequacy, is also of significance. Numerous research and experience speaks of the dysfunction of the stabilisation system as one of the most significant factors for the establishment of vertebral disorders (back pain). The targeted influencing of the stabilisation function of the back is therefore considered to be significant in prevention and in the treatment of acute and chronic back pain.


The CORE, also known as the deep spinal stabilisation system, consists of the deep back muscles, the diaphragm and the pelvic floor, which is activated in cooperation with the abdominal muscles. It represents the coordination between the deep and long surface muscles which fulfil
a significant role in protecting the spine during movement, static loading (when seated, standing, etc.) and the effects of external forces. Its activation is automatic and unconscious and it precedes every targeted movement of the arms or legs.


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