RRunbikeUNBIKE is a special bike which is used for maintaining and increasing physical and mental fitness.

RUNBIKE uses a system patented by the Laurini Company which has been created in cooperation with physiotherapists and sportsmen. Thanks to its unique construction, it offers a new type of movement, which effectively involves the entire body.

retezThe RUNBIKE has its pedals centred on the rear wheel axle. The short structure of the frame and the two-speed gears ensure easy control and the surprising efficiency of the RUNBIKE. The correct control of the RUNBIKE requires a certain amount of skill; the rider must learn to work with his or her centre of gravity. The rider designates the ride dynamic by shifting the centre of gravity. Loading the front wheel ensures the controllability and stability of the bike. In its transport bag, the machine easily fits into any car, it can be easily transported on public transport and it does not take up much room at home.

The RUNBIKE can be used for individual or group training, fitness sports, for relaxed or extreme riding or for trips. It is mainly designed for outdoor use, but it can used all year round. At home or in the gym, it is possible to ride on special rotating cylinders which the Laurini Company offers as accessories. 

The Laurini Company has also developed RUNBIKING – a comprehensive training program for the maintenance of good condition.

RUNBIKE specification