Runbiking - ZdravíRUNBIKING is a comprehensive sporting activity which contributes to the maintenance of optimum health and fitness in an entertaining way without the risk of overloading your joints and muscles.

RUNBIKING strengthens weak muscles, extends and relaxes shortened ones and activates the deep stabilising muscles of the CORE system.

The unique construction of the RUNBIKE forces the body to constantly cooperate. It improves the coordination of important muscle groups and as such movement improves and becomes more effective.






The benefits of RUNBIKING for your health:

  • balancing out movement inadequacies 
  • the limitation of the consequence of the static overloading of the muscles and joints
  • maintains and increases physical condition
  • relieves stress and physical tension
  • improves the functions of the cardiovascular system
  • activates the deep stabilisation muscles
  • forms the figure
  • harmonises the coordination of the muscle groups