jízda na Runbiku

RUNBIKING is a new type of movement which differs from riding a regular bicycle. No special training is needed - all you need is a feel for it and some practise. After a few hours, you will be able to make full use of its potential and you will not want to share it.


Mobility, strength and physical condition are developed in an entertaining and healthy way, erect body posture is supported and physical tension and stress are released.


RUNBIKING is designed for people of all ages and fitness categories. It is suitable for sportspeople and for those who are or want to be active, have sedentary work, unilaterally load their joints and muscles, suffer from a lack of movement and/or have backache. It is for everybody who likes fun and wants to be fit.










RUNBIKING is a comprehensive sporting activity which contributes to the maintenance of optimum health and fitness. It involves riding the special RUNBIKE in combination with proven stretching exercises. The correct training pleasantly refreshes and strengthens the entire body. It trains muscle coordination, coordinates breathing and movements and improves flexibility and coordination, muscle strength and endurance.

RUNBIKE forces the rider to pay constant attention when riding, to maintain an erect posture, to maintain balance and to work with his or her centre of gravity. All of these requirements activate the deep stabilisation system, i.e. the muscles around the spine, the abdominal muscles, the diaphragm and the pelvic floor. The back is subconsciously involved in the exercise and the regular stimulation of the back prevents it from external influences and the occurrence of back pain. The exercise also improves body posture or the accuracy of movement. 

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